The 36 Hour Vacation

This past Memorial Day weekend Jeff and I took a quick trip out to Cali. Seriously, the whole trip took place in just about 36 hours. We just needed a break and to get out of this HEAT. (I have a feeling this is going to be a long summer with these temperatures.)

We drove straight to Balboa Island Friday morning for a little sight seeing and shopping. We chowed down on their famous chocolate covered bananas for lunch! YUM!

(Balboa Island Chocolate Covered Banana)
 From there we headed to the Dodger Game. The game on Friday night was pretty terrible (Dodgers came back for a win Sat. and Sun. though), but the fireworks they light up at the end of the game were so much fun. We got to go down on the field to watch them being sent off.

(Jeff's first time on the Dodger field)
We headed to our hotel for a nice long night after the game. Because we got to the hotel late, the only non-smoking room left was a suite with a Murphy Bed. Yes, a Murphy Bed. It was so tiny, Jeff's feet were hanging off the edge all night, but we must have been tired because we slept until 10:30. That right, 10:30! This for a girl who considers sleeping until 7:00 as sleeping in.

In the morning after we dragged ourselves out of bed, we went to eat brunch at Polly's on the Pier (scrumptious!). Then we headed to a nearby beach for a few hours before hitting the road. We knew we had to get back because Scout was in a new place with new people and we didn't want to freak her out so soon after adopting her. (Jeff and I think with a little more planning we'll take her with us next time. Even with only a 36 hour vacation we still came home to a dog with colitis- spent Tuesday morning at the Vets office.)

So there you have it. A 36 hour vacation. We had such a good time, didn't have one quarrel, and got in lots of fun. Maybe we should take more 36 hour vacations? Wish I could have another go at one this weekend!

Side note, this is also our first vacation where we pretty much exclusively took pictures on our phones. It was kind of liberating not to have to lug my huge camera around.

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