A Few Unnecessary Things

- Our re-plumbers didn't put our house back to where we I can't tell they were here. I can totally see where they patched and painted our walls. Jeff kind of thinks I'm crazy, he can't tell the difference between mate and gloss paint, but I'm gonna make them re-do it anyways. I know it will drive me nuts. This means my house is STILL a mess!

- I can't stop day dreaming about vacations and spending time with my family. Along with that I am swamped with church calling duties. This does not look good for my 30x30 list. Time is ticking!

-Speaking of my 30 x 30 list, I can't decide what kind of unnecessary clothing item I should purchase to finish off #4 on my list. Here is what a quick search has aroused in me:


For some reason unnecessary clothing items always reminds me of accessories. Probably because even though most would say they are essential to putting an outfit together, I can never seem to get it together enough to get that far in assembling an outfit. These are cute enough though that I just might be able to manage to put one of these guys on!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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