Points of View

So this blog is little lack luster. I can tell because not even my family checks in on the blog. Yes, sad I know. But I really didn't start a blog for others to read; really, I started it because I wanted to capture our lives a little. I like to write, and I'm much more likely to do this than write in a journal.

But lately, I'm thinking that maybe I need something more than writing here and there to pass the time/keep track of life. I think I want to give some focus and a point of view to the blog. When I thought about what I want to spend time on and what I need to spend time on, I came to the following conclusion:

When I am done with a long day of work what honestly fills my mind is how crown molding would really make such a difference in our living room, or what fabric I would get to reupholster the sofa if money was no object. *Day dreaming about fabric swatches* Yes, these are not mind blowing thoughts that fill my head. It's like my white noise, it's just always in my head.

When I think of what I need to spend my time on, the first thing that comes to mind is DOING something. Most days after work I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping or sitting on the couch. (I do not know how working moms do it, it's difficult enough without kids.) I need to have some motivators to get me moving. My motto's for the year are TAKE ACTION and LIGHTEN UP (I make up motto's, not resolutions). I'm lazy and at the same time take life much too seriously. For heavens sake I still can't decide on a gray paint that I started picking out two months ago. I'm working on it.

My final conclusion is that I think I am going to make this blog more about my hobbies and little projects. Not because I think anyone will want to read about it. Not because I'm a closet interior decorator. Not because I'm crafty. (Who says you have to be good at something to make it a hobby?) This is simply to keep myself accountable (at least to a blog), explore my hobbies in written form, and do what I like doing.

When there is something interesting in our personal lives I'll still post about it. But to be honest, it's just the two of us, and our lives aren't all that interesting. I don't know what sparked my interest in design/art the past few years, but it's worth exploring. I'll just blame HGTV and ETSY.