Thinking it over

I am enjoying Domino's online blog and picture archives while I still can. Domino was canceled earlier this year and I am so sad to see them go. This morning I spotted a great little chair and a half/love seat thing that I desperately want for our office. I couldn't find where it's from but I love, love, LOVE it.

I love that it looks like is would actually be comfortable to sit on but still has clean lines. I'm sure if it is in Domino that it is out of the price range we have for office furniture - but it is a great inspiration piece.

Another great inspirational piece is this ottoman that I want for my living room coffee table. Of course same source, I'm assuming very expensive. I've been looking for ottomans and have a hard time finding one under $200. I just can't justify spending that much on a furniture accessory. Still, this is beautiful.

I am thinking I might take this on as DIY project. I think I figured out how I could do it. For the cushion, buy foam and peg board, attach, upholster foam and pegboard and use the holes already in the pegboard to measure and do the tufting. Attach this to wood base and legs bought from Lowes or any upholstery shop. It doesn't seem that hard? I'm sure if I attempted this though it would not look this good, it would however, be a heck of a lot cheaper! If only my grandpa's lived in town I'm sure they would help me do it.


Jeff's belated 2008 END OF THE YEAR MIX

I finally brought Jeff's IPOD into work with me today. Here is Jeff's annual end of the year mix he made for 2008. It includes all his favorite songs that were released last year.

It Takes More:

1) I Woke Up Today - Port O'Brein
2) Kids - MGMT
3) The Greatest Man That Ever Lived - Weezer
4) Hair Don't Grow - Annuals
5) Use Somebody- Kings of Leon
6) Beautiful - Ian Shane Tyler
7) Dady's Gone- Glasvegas
8) Your New Twin Sized Bed- Death Cab for Cutie
9) About To Walk- Throw Me The Statue
10) Keep Yourself Warm- Frightened Rabbit
11) Dry Lips- Lightspeed Champion
12) Think I Wanna Die- Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
13) Constructive Summer- The Hold Steady
14) The Girl- City and Colour
15) After Hours- We Are Scientists
16) Over and Out- Alkaline Trio
17) Paper Planes- MIA
18) More News From Nowhere- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

My favorite songs on the list are "I Woke Up Today," "The Girl" & "After Hours." Jeff and I found Port O'Brein at a show we went to in San Diego. We were there for a second honeymoon and stopped by the local Beauty Bar to see Somebody Still Loves You Boirs Nelson and Port O'Brein was the opening act. That was one of the most fun shows I've ever been to. Their energy was amazing, we fell in love with them and snatched up a CD.

My other two favorites are just great songs. I love both the bands and these songs were definately the highlights on their new albums. I love these end of the year mixes that Jeff makes. They are like little soundtracks to what we've been listening to the last year and almost every song brings back memeories of a time, place or day we've had.


Cool Free Generators

The web is an amazing place. There are so many cool things to find out there it's crazy. Here are a few of my favorite free websites found via blogs, google and some boredom:

Personalized Obama Poster Maker:

Makes your own handwriting font:

Japanese website that makes pictures look like their
old & antique :

Converts digital photos into Polaroids:

Free Poster/Concert Ticket Generator :

More cool ideas:

I need someone to show me how to make just one word a link without writing the whole address.