Decorating By Memory Part 1- (places you love)

I haven't wanted to blog lately. Which is a problem, because I blog to keep myself motivated and accountable. I blog so that I WANT to do crafts, make things, decorate, and be part of that community. Sadly, however, real life seems to be taking a hold of me lately. I am so busy that I can't keep my head on straight, let alone try to think of creating something pretty. I guess that is how summer always is though. So I thought up a plan to get myself motivated again. After all, fall is just around the corner, time for baking, making, and getting my act together!

Something I have always struggled with is "defining" my home decorating style. I never know if I'm classic, rustic, country, modern, or what. I take style quizzes and read up on the styles but nothing ever seems to fit me. That is when I it hit me, I am not one of those styles that can be pulled from a box. I am ME! And I am happiest when I am surrounded by those that I love and things that remind me of the amazing people in my life. I was a history major, so I have always been a sucker for history, but what I finally decided is that I want my home to remind me of MY history, my family, and all those memories that I treasure up in my mind. Not just with the pictures on the wall, but with my decorating style as well.
(This is a poorly taken photo of little me)
But how do I do that? Of course I have to have a plan. What is life without a plan? This is when I thought up my idea. Why not create mood boards and lists filled with things that remind me of the people and places that I love? If I fill my home with those things, then I will always feel comforted and loved at home.

First up, I decided to create a mood board after my Grandparents on my fathers side. Not necessarily things that they have in their house exactly, but things that remind me of them and hanging out with them, listening to their stories. Those are some of my most favorite and treasured memories!

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This is how I envision my grandparents style. When I think of them and their homes I think of:
  • Brass: Lots of gold and brass. I use to be a silver girl, but now I always find myself going for gold and brass over silver. I get it, my grandmother is a smart lady for liking these metals.
  • Luxury: My grandmother is a very stylish and classic woman. One of my favorite stories is that she bought her mother a fur coat with her first real paycheck, when what they really could have used was something much more practical. So when I think of them I think of fur, velvet, soft shag carpet (like the green shag in their old house), beautiful floral wallpaper, crystals and sparkly things.
  • Mirrors & Glass: My grandparents always have lots of mirrors around too. My parents inherited this extremely large mirror with a golden frame that goes above their fireplace. It use to be in my dads house growing up. Currently, my grandparents have two walls completely covered with mirrors in their house.
  • Owls & Figurines: I also think of owls for some odd reason. My grandfather always reminds me of a wise old owl. No more reason behind it then that I guess. Plus, they have tons of figurines and chachkies from all of their worldly travels
  • Rocks: My grandpa is always collecting cool rocks that he finds on his hikes and walks. He brings them home, places them in the garden or on a shelf. I try to do the same, but I don't find as cool of rocks as he does.
  • Petrified Wood: Grandpa is also always bringing home drift wood or petrified wood. He sets it on a table and admires its shape and beauty. I love this about him. He finds beauty everywhere.
  • Family Picture Galleries: My grandma has a row of family portraits that lines her hallway. They are all in non-matching gold frames. She keeps pictures of her loved ones always near her.
  • Roses and Cyprus: Lastly, I also think of rose bushes and cypress trees. They have had them all over their yard in both of their houses. A good garden definitely reminds me of my grandfather.

Next up is my grandparent on my mothers side of the family. I have lots and lots of things to choose from there. Can't wait to put it together! (. . . but I will most likely get distracted and it'll take me a month- haha).