Elder Travis Bame has returned home from his mission in El Salvador!! We are so excited to have Travis home and so proud of him for serving an honorable mission. It's been fun to read his letters, and for me, experience having a brother on mission, as we are all girls on my side of the family.

With his coming home we have been hanging out with the Bame family a lot the past couple months. The weekend after he came home we went to San Diego for our annual Halloween beach camping trip. Heather, my sister, also joined us. We had a lot of fun just playing in the waves (or for Jeff, reading his book, dry on the beach) and hanging out around the campfire. The weather was perfect and the company was superb.

The next weekend we had the Bame's over for Taco Night at our house. I tried my best to figure out how to cook for 10 people instead of our regular twosome. Luckily, tacos' are simple because my culinary skills are greatly lacking. After dinner the girls stayed over and played rockband.

(Right: Becky on drums, Amber on lead guitar, Natalie slappin' the bass, Jeff rockin' the mic, and Amanda our band-aid)

Saturday and Sunday we spent over at Kieth and Nanette's' hanging out with cousins, aunts and uncles. At church on Sunday Travis gave his "homecoming" talk and Aaron played an awesome musical number on the violin. We love spending time with the family, it's rare when everyone can get together like this with such a large family.

All the RM's in attendace

The following Wed. was Veterans day so we rallied up our "troops" to go hiking at Red Rock and have a picnic. It was a perfect cool, overcast day.

(To the right: Sage, Amber, Jeff, Shela, Jade, Heather, Travis, Bailey, Abbey, Natalie)

We've been kept really busy the last few weeks and I have a feeling with Birthdays and the Holidays coming up that it wont slow down anytime soon. I can't wait for Thanksgiving when we get to be together with all our family again.