The "Little" Things

I have been somewhat stressed lately. I've been working a second job since November to help save and better prepare us for whatever might be down the road for us in our pursuit of parenthood (as I discussed a little bit here.) Working two jobs is a big stress on my time and leaves me feeling pretty drained some days. I don't know how people work 80 hour weeks? 60 to 70 hours has me pooped! My crafting, decorating, and couch surfing time has been GREATLY reduced!

I have also had to swallow my pride a bit, which is silly, because I know that what I'm doing is honorable, and it's a good thing for me to take control of whatever part of our situation I can. But when someone from high school walks into the cafe your working at with your fellow teenage co-workers, sometimes I can't help but blush. Then I just get mad at myself for being embarrassed over having to take a second job to save up some baby money and put us in a better position. It's obviously totally worth it and I shouldn't worry about such stupid things, right? Now, if only I could the blood in my check to behave accordingly.

Anyways! This is not a woe is me post, contrary to the above. Even though I may be stressed lately, it has just brought my attention to being so happy and grateful for the small (and maybe not so small) things of life. I am seriously so freakin' blessed I can barely stand it. Here is what is making me smile lately.

My youngest sister turned 15! I can't believe our baby is so grown up! She wanted to go cosmic bowling and I was more than happy to oblige.  It was a super fun girls night.

My husband is the most hilariously sweet person I know. I came home the other night to find flowers and this note on the kitchen counter. Read the note, it had me cracking up for a good five minutes.

The 49ers are going to the Superbowl, okay this one isn't really for me, but for my main man. He was very excited, which in turn let me witness this hilariousness (Too bad they lost last night, the seen at this house was pretty different last night from this video.)

I got to have an amazing Saturday OFF with my mom and little sister where we partook in manicures, lunch, and shopping. It was the best day I've had in a long time.

The Killers concert. Enough said.

I finally dusted off the bike for a good MLK bike ride out to the dam.

Lastly, and biggest of all- my little sister has been called on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I could not be more proud and excited for her.

See, can you believe I had so many happy events in just over a month? Like I said, totally blessed and thankful!!