I don't sing Jeff's praises nearly as much as I should on this blog. Anyone who knows us knows that we are plenty gushy enough in person, always holding hands or telling each other we love each other. We can get pretty annoying to those around us. Well, I'm not stopping there, I'm going to gush about my man all over the Internet too. He is just so lovely.

The past few weeks have been pretty demanding for me at work, a lot of overtime, a lot of stress, and Jeff has been such a camp during the whole thing. My birthday was on July 3rd and he made an extra effort to make sure that I was relaxing and having a good time.

On Friday July 2 he cleaned the WHOLE house in the morning. I mean top to bottom. He also cut down our IKEA bar stools that we bought last year. He picked up the wrong bar stools on a solo trip he had up to SLC (they were bar height instead of counter height) and he finally cut the legs down for me :) Then he met up with me at work to go to lunch before he went into work. That night, while he was working, I went and ate at Don Juan with 'the girls' and strolled through a few thrift store shoppes at First Friday.

Later that night when he came home from work I was still up watching a movie. He said he had to bring in one of my presents because it couldn't stay in the car. It was close enough to midnight so I gave my consent. He came in with a pot full of manure and something behind his back.

He said "Tulips are beautiful (as he took the bouquet of tulips from behind his back), but soon turn black. That's why for your birthday I got you a bucket full of crap (lifting the pot full of manure)." I love that he is always writing or making up short little poems or sayings. We are dorks that way together.

Jeffery NEVER buys me flowers. He thinks floral bouquets senselessly kill living plants. I think God probably put flowers here for our enjoyment and they should be utilized as such. Giving me both store bought flowers and manure to plant flowers was a clever way for him to make both of us happy. He said the pots are for the lavender seeds he got me for Valentines day. He's so cute. I was so happy to finally be getting flowers from my hubby after nearly 3 years of marriage. Great present.

The morning of my birthday he told me to stay in bed and watch some HGTV. A little while later he came up with a tray of homemade pancakes, syrup, some juice, bacon and eggs. We sat and watched tv, ate and cuddled. After we enjoyed our little breakfast in bed he told me it was on to my next birthday surprise.

He had an electrician coming the next week to finally wire and install ceiling fans for our bedrooms upstairs. I was so excited! Our upstairs is super hot in the summer so as unattractive as ceiling fans may be, I couldn't wait to install them. (I live in the desert where it gets up to 115 degrees in the summer, Decorators can kiss my booty if they wouldn't approve of ceiling fan installation!) So off Jeff and I went to a couple shops to find 3 ceiling fans. We still have some work to do with them, but we are mostly there, and it is already making such a HUGE difference in the temperature of the rooms upstairs.

After ceiling fan shopping we met up with my parents to eat some lunch at Red Robin. Afterwords he made up some silly excuse for everyone to come back to the house. When we got there he had my favorite red velvet Nothing Bunt Cake waiting for me. Everyone sang me Happy Birthday. He is so cute. Nothing better than my three favorite things on a birthday afternoon, family, bunt cake, and Dr. Pepper. Mmmmm.

Later that night we went into the city and after some logistical struggles (I've come to expect these things when I don't plan things)we finally made it into see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's perform. It was a super good show! If you don't know these guys you've probably heard their stuff on TV commercials and movies. If not, listen to them here or here. On the drive to the show he told me that there was even more to my birthday then the flowers, thoughtful surprises, and our date night. He got us tickets to see the Swell Seasons in August!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! You must fall in love with these two as much as we have, visit them here.

It was a wonderful birthday. I love making a big deal out of birthdays and I'm so glad my hubby indulges me. I'm already planning his birthday in October and I can't wait to surprise him with something almost as cute and thoughtful as he did for me on my big day. I just love him!

We rounded out the three day weekend with the family. On Sunday, the 4th of July, we went to the Bames for their annual barbecue and fireworks.

Monday we went over to my parents house and had a wonderful fish dinner with my family and some of the Bames. I opened my presents from the rest of the fam and then we all headed out to see the new Twilight movie to end the weekend with some good comedy.

It was a marvelous weekend. I am so blessed to have such a lovely husband, be part of such great families, and to be able to be so spoiled on my birthday!!