So, I know that I am a terrible blogger. I don't ever come on here because I don't really visit blogs that much and don't really expect anyone to visit ours, however, work is getting pretty slow so I think I am going to try and be better at having a post every now and again. Even if it does not travel far in the blogging world, at least it can keep me entertained for a while.

News- So my Birthday is fast approaching. I love my Birthday!! Growing up my family would always make fun of me because I would start talking about and planning for my birthday months and weeks in advance. But birthdays are great days, it's the one day a year where you can try and have your day go as YOU WANT it to, without too much gilt about what you "should" be doing. That's right, on my birthday I don't look at my laundry and think to myself "oh that is really starting to pile up, I better start a new load". I don't think about all the errands I have to run or things I've forgotten. On my birthday I wake up and do what I want to do, whether that is starting a new project and NOT finishing it or simply just laying in my pajamas for a while - I do it my way at least one day a year!

This year is especially exciting as my new job, I guess it's not so "new" anymore, lets us have our birthday off without going into vacation time. This year will also be especially fun as Jeff and I are hosting a BBQ with both of our families. I don't know if both of our families have gotten together since we were married. I am already trying to plan for decorations, food and drinks with some kind of fun theme. I was thinking a jewel purple would be great to decorate in as I am loving that color right now but not enough to incorporate it into our apartment or anything that would last too long as I'm sure my need for the color will be short lived. I love planning family gatherings and having all these people I care about under one roof. With any luck we will be having the party at my sisters condos club house so we have plenty of room for games and a heated pool!

Originally, Jeff and I wanted to go to San Francisco but with plane and gas prices the way they are we decided to keep it close to home. We are hoping that next year we will be able to have these kinds of events in our own home. With house prices coming down so much we are starting to get excited at the prospect of actually being able to afford a home! We know this troubled market is probably the only way we will be able to afford to buy in the Vegas Valley for the next couple years while we are in school - so we want to get in while the getting is good. We do have one issue though that I wouldn't mind if my imaginary readers would give some advice on . Jeff will hopefully be going to graduate school in the next few years - which is great. However, we are not sure where he will be going to grad school and if we will be staying in Las Vegas. So - what will the housing market be like in 3 years? Will we be able to sell or rent if we need to? Will we be out money or will we have made a buck or two? I wish we could see into the future to know what to do but we are just going to have to make our best guess for the moment I presume. If anyone reads this what do you think?