We are Lora, Heather, & Amber. You might know us simply as the "girls." Known for our shenanigans and crazy antics, we simply became refered to as the "girls" to our family and friends. Did somethings break? Yell at the "girls." Loud giggling at church? Look for the "girls." We were always doing something.

We've had the most fun times growing up together and our little world just has not been the same since Lora moved to Tucson. So, Jeff graciously allowed for a "girls" weekend and he stayed home this January while Heather and I made the trek down to AZ for Lora's birthday.

We enjoyed looking at the native wild life,

we enjoyed the scenery and went for a hike,

We took off our shoes to cross the stream the first time.

The second time we used rocks to cross.

The third time we unsuccessfully tried to jump (I wish there was video of this). Needless to say, after this we walked through the stream with our shoes on.

"Octopus" Cactus

we were dorks . . . as usual.

I took pictures.

But most of all - we had a great time! I love these two "girls." I don't know what I would do without them. I can't wait for our next little adventure.

BONUS! Heather and I got to stop in Mesa and see our friends Melanie and Emily Cox who we haven't seen in YEARS! Basically, they are the cutest ladies in the world with equally cute kids. All in all, it was a great weekend!