Headed for Colorado and Utah

Back in July I headed to Eastern Utah to see my family and we made a quick trip up to Ouray Colorado. I am just getting to it now, because, well, summer seems to fly by and leave before I know it. I had a lot of things planned this summer that are not getting done. This was suppose to be my summer to become a better photographer, and make tons of home improvement. My goals have pretty much crashed and burned- but I still have a week or two to complete them right? Yeah, I wouldn't double down on that bet.

Anyways, I've gotten distracted. I left my hubby and headed out with my mothers family for a quick get-a-way. It was lovely. Once we made the 7 hour trek up to see the family, we left the next day to go to Ouray Colorado. I had not been here since college and it was good to be back. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Enough said.

If you have not traveled here before, be fore warned. The road to get there is crazy fun, and just a little plain crazy. Not fun at all if you get car sick, as some of my cousins did in our van. But, it is was a good view, even if it was right next to a cliff the whole time without any rails.

Once we got there we went swimming in the hot springs (yea, not going to post a pictures of that).

We Picnicked,

we went walking around town ,

we went shopping,

We hung out at our rented cabin,

We went to visit box falls,

and then our quick little journey to Colorado was over :( But we still had a ton fun back in Utah.

We went swimming again up at dry lake while my cousin played with his new fishing boat,

(I love this picture. not only does it show how pretty it is up by my grandparents cabin, but it also says a little something like " I'm a hick and proud of it." Makes me smile and giggle a little.)

we saw crazy tiny toads,

and even went 4wheeling. Sadly my camera was out of batteries by the time we got to this part of our journey, but I think I took some video. My camera batteries died because somebody decided to have a little photo shoot, but that is okay.

It was such a lovely extended weekend. I love getting out and playing in the muck and mud and just having a great time with my family. I am so glad I went, and I vowed to myself that next time Jeff comes up to visit my family with me, that we will go to Ouray again. Can you believe that boy has never been to Colorado?