Spring has Sprung

Spring has come and we've been reveling in it for the last few weeks. (It seems to come a little earlier here in Vegas, even if the official start wasn't until today.) We took a quick trip up to St.George with my family to go hiking and see the Grandparents.

The Three Patriarchs at Zions

Jeff & me at emerald pools

We had the tripod so we took advantage of the scenery and took some family pictures. I think this one is our favorite.

The following weekend we still weren't done enjoying the great weather, so we went on a local hike to Anniversary Mine. Jeff forgot the camera when Heather, Jeff, and I went, but later that same week Jeff took two of his sisters on the same hike and remembered the camera.

Jeff in one of the mine tunnels in the canyon.

Jeff and Amanda trying out a Star Wars pose.

All the mean while I've been doing some spring cleaning. Even though we've been in this house a little over a year now, a surprising amount of stuff is still sitting exactly where we set it down when we were moving in. So, each week I am taking on a new area that needs to be organized.

I've tackled under the kitchen sink, the linen closet, and the laundry area. Next on the list is the garage. We took a truck load of stuff to the D.I. a couple of weeks ago. I still had most of my high school clothes AND every formal dress I ever wore. RIDICULOUS! I know, but now they are gone. I didn't even shed a tear. I know I'll NEVER fit into those things again, and even if I did, I'm sure it wouldn't be in style. I don't know why I keep these things.

I've also been trying to paint the upstairs and am having a hard time finding the perfect light gray.

Not to mention finishing painting a single room. The hall and study are half painted and primed and have been in total disarray for a good two weeks. I find it's much too pretty outside to be inside painting, but I know I'll regret it once it gets hot and I'm painting the hall in the muggy heat.

Another thing that will be new this spring, besides a more organized space, is that I was offered a new job. I am hopeful, excited, nervous, and little sad to leave my current position. BUT, with the extra cash on hand we'll be able to take on a couple more projects around the house sooner than we'd planned. That of course makes me monsterously happy.

Before summer hits we'll be installing ceiling lights and fans in the bedrooms upstairs. Does anyone know a good electrian or how to find one? Then this summer I want to take on our study. Right now it's where all of my single life, college furniture goes to die. It'd be nice to have a real study/office space. I'm excited for a newly decorated space and the challanges that come with navagating a new office and job title.

Finally, guess who turned SIXTEEN yesterday? Yep. My little Sage is 16. I can barely believe it.

Sage on her birthday

Remember that age? It was so fun having such little responsibility. Yet, life seemed so serious and you thought you knew everything already (at least I did). I honestly fear the day this girl gets her license! I'll post a warning on our blog maybe :)