Cool Free Generators

The web is an amazing place. There are so many cool things to find out there it's crazy. Here are a few of my favorite free websites found via blogs, google and some boredom:

Personalized Obama Poster Maker:

Makes your own handwriting font:

Japanese website that makes pictures look like their
old & antique :

Converts digital photos into Polaroids:

Free Poster/Concert Ticket Generator :

More cool ideas:

I need someone to show me how to make just one word a link without writing the whole address.


Becky said...

Like this

Wait, that actually did it. Well, it's like the format you used to add links to your sidebar. The whole a href= thing.

Luann said...

Love the poster maker I think I am making some unique valentine cards with this thanks for sharing.

One way to create links is to type a word or phrase then on your tool bar select the hyper link tool it looks like a world with a paper clip through it. Paste your long link in that box a viola you have a short hyper link.

Anonymous said...

Click here for more cool ideas.