Thinking it over

I am enjoying Domino's online blog and picture archives while I still can. Domino was canceled earlier this year and I am so sad to see them go. This morning I spotted a great little chair and a half/love seat thing that I desperately want for our office. I couldn't find where it's from but I love, love, LOVE it.

I love that it looks like is would actually be comfortable to sit on but still has clean lines. I'm sure if it is in Domino that it is out of the price range we have for office furniture - but it is a great inspiration piece.

Another great inspirational piece is this ottoman that I want for my living room coffee table. Of course same source, I'm assuming very expensive. I've been looking for ottomans and have a hard time finding one under $200. I just can't justify spending that much on a furniture accessory. Still, this is beautiful.

I am thinking I might take this on as DIY project. I think I figured out how I could do it. For the cushion, buy foam and peg board, attach, upholster foam and pegboard and use the holes already in the pegboard to measure and do the tufting. Attach this to wood base and legs bought from Lowes or any upholstery shop. It doesn't seem that hard? I'm sure if I attempted this though it would not look this good, it would however, be a heck of a lot cheaper! If only my grandpa's lived in town I'm sure they would help me do it.

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Jacob & Emily said...

I'm all about doing it yourself. Plus you know how to fix it if it breaks. You could easily do the ottoman for under $50. Price check, get coupons, BAM one of a kind! Take pictures we want to see!