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I don’t feel much like blogging lately. Summers here and I am getting a bit overwhelmed with “Need To’s,” “Should Do’s,” and “Want To’s.”

Speaking of "Want To’s", I’ve been pinning a lot of relationship stuff on Pinterest lately. Right now the DH and I are in one of those good spots, you know, where we are all lovey dovey and neither one of us can do anything wrong. I love those phases! I know it’s only a matter of time before we have an arguement disagreement about something or the other, and I kind of want to capitalize on the current euphoria.

I don’t know when I’ll find the time for any of this stuff, but these are defiantly going under my current “Want To’s.”

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99 Things to be Thankful About Your Husband

30 Day Marriage Challange

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30 Questions to Ask Your Spouse
(We actually did a few of these on a recent road trip and we totally were laughing and I found out some new things about this man of mine!)

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100 Date Night Ideas

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101 Things to do for Your Husband

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Cute Love Notes
( I actually made one of these picture frames a few months ago. A few times a week I'll write down something I love about DH. Sometimes he writes back. It's super cute & fun. Even when what's written on the frame is: "I love you because your snoring sounded like Chubaca last night.")

I love that people started posting some stuff to help strengthen a marraige, or to be a better wife. I was getting a little tired of all the post where women were dreaming up "the perfect guy." Yeah, I want a husband who can build me a bookshelf too, but I would never base a relationship, or even a date, on such trivial matters.

I think sometimes women need to stop dreaming about prince charming and find someone to love for their strengths and their flaws. No one is going to check off all your boxes, instead of creating a list of things you require of your man, start becoming those things yourself, and eventually the right guy will come along.

. . . Oh! Shoot! Is that a soap box under me? I guess I had stronger feelings on that topic then I thought! Anyways, I just really like the Pins above and hope I can peruse them more in depth sometime. Make my honey bun feel special! I do love him so very much!

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