Gifts that don't SUC-culent

This past Christmas I made these cute little potted succulents for the ladies I work with. I wasn't able to post about it because I didn't have a computer at the time, but I've been thinking, these would make pretty cute thank you gifts for a teacher at the end of the year as well.

They were pretty easy to make. I just started with a handful of succulents from Lowes ($2-$3 each) and terracotta pots from Michael ($0.80 each). I had the chalkboard paint, grout, foam paint brush, and the ribbon on hand.

I mixed a tablespoon of tile grout with my chalkboard paint (maybe half a cup of paint?) in a Paper cup so that the paint could hold up on the pots inside or out. I liked the idea of a terracotta strip on top and on bottom of the pot, but of course, the pot could be left unpainted or just paint the whole thing.

I wrapped each pot with ribbon, secured with some double stick tape on the back. I double knotted the ribbon around a piece of chalk (dollar store). Then I added a tag I had from Target and tied it to the chalk. On one side of the tag I stamped "JOY" ("Thank You" would also work), and on the other side I wrote the name of the plant and the care instructions that came with it.

After about an hour I was left with these cute, partially hand made, gifts that I think anyone would enjoy. Who doesn't like succulents? Am I right?

The ladies seemed to like them. I think it was a better hit then the miniature mason jar apple pies I made last year (which took much, MUCH longer to make). Who would have thought people didn't like apple pies? Crazy town.

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