Graduation Party Inspiration

I am thinking about graduation parties this spring. Maybe that is because my younger sister is graduating High School this June. That would only make perfect sense. I have been racking my brain for some inspiration and trolling the web to help with ideas.

Here is what we (myself and my other sisters) are thinking so far:

Seriously, is there anything that says party more than balloons? And when they are all put together in a banner, it can only mean that the night is going to be a good one! We ordered some 2012 grad balloons in her school colors from Oriental Trading Co. and can follow this tutorial to make a balloon banner. (We ordered some other stuff from Oriental Trading too. It’s great to be able to order things in your school’s colors.)

My sister is obsessed with photography, so we want to try and include that as much as possible. I was thinking of making her a memory book of growing up, or some people make videos for their kids, but in all honesty, if we did something like that we would have had to of gotten started a long time ago. Plus she is so picky about her photos that I’m sure no one but her could do it right. I think that instead we will gather up some pictures of her growing up and just place them around the room is some cute way. Pics of her could be strung on twine and clipped on with laundry clips; they could be hung from the ceiling, or even attached to our trusty balloon friends.

We also are thinking of incorporating a photo booth to capture everyone that comes over to celebrate with her. There are a couple of sites online that you can make any pictures into a photo strip for free (find them here and here). Plus there are lots of great free printables for photo booth props online as well, like this one I want to use from Oh Happy Day.

I am not sure how we are going to incorporate them yet, but somehow tassels are going to be incorporated. I found this tutorial online to make our own tassels from embroidery yarn.

Lastly, we want to be able to dole out sound wise advice for our new grad. Ideas I thought of would be to have everyone sign in on the pages of the Dr. Seuss book Oh The Places You'll Go and have them sign in with one token of advice. I thought about having people write it out and posting somewhere around the house, or having her read them at some point during the party. Putting them on school lined Post It Notes? I'm not sure where we'll end up with that one, but it's got to get in the mix somehow.

I am excited to plan her a little party and to try and make it special and memorable. She is so lucky to have sisters like us! Back patted!


Nancy said...

Really love the photo booth idea. High school graduates would have a blast with that. I have to consider how to execute that one.

The Bames said...

Thanks! I think she'll have fun with it. Girl is OBSESSED with pictures.

The Bames said...
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