Replumbing = Messy House

This is an example of what my house looks like this week . . .

Why is all my furniture squished into the the middle of all our rooms you may ask? Our home is being re-plumbed due a settlement made with the builder KB Homes. I guess they went a little too cheap on our plumbing when this house was built and they needed to go in and do repairs. The repairs make our walls look like this . . .

 This is our living room wall where our sofa normally lives. It is kind of weird to be able to take a look in our walls. I've always been kind of curious what its like back there. There are some areas of the house that I didn't know why there was a bulkhead or a push out and would like to have claimed the space, but turns out, there's lots of pipes and stuff in them thar walls!

Our ceiling looks like it has the chicken pocks, except instead of pocks its just a bunch of HOLES! Yes, those are all big holes in our ceiling.

Even the outside of our house isn't safe! Supposedly, everything will be put back in place, walls patched and re-painted and we'll never know any workers were here or that the plumbing has been replaced. I've seen a house where the work was already done and I couldn't even tell any work had been done. They better do a good job for us as well.

New plumbing you better be worth all the chaos you are creating this week! I can't wait to get my house back and to start working on our bathrooms and other projects we have planned!

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