Pinterest Pickings- Easter

I made a goal with myself this past Christmas that I should try and add one decoration per holiday, every year. (Maybe not every holiday, but the ones I like.) Valentines totally passed me without too much thought, but I’ve already got my eyes on Easter. I love Easter and the real reasons for its celebration, not so much for the fake grass, plastic bunnies and all that. Although, the fact that Easter does have the best candy (hello Cadbury eggs!) doesn’t hurt.

Even though I love Easter, I have pretty much null in terms of festive decorations. Easter decorations seem to go cheap and corny pretty easily. There has to be some pretty and tasteful Easter d├ęcor out there, right? So, I turned to my favorite pal Pinterest to look for some Easter DIY inspiration and found some really cool ideas that would make for doable DIY decorations.


I love this moss initial from here

This adorable wreath from here


This cool idea to decoupage eggs (could do with wood eggs too) from here

I love this idea to bring in the resurrection into your Easter decor. I would put "He is Risen" on mine. Find it here

I already have some Martha Stewart glitter for these eggs.


I have always wanted one of these Easter trees, but I can't ever seem to find the right branches.
This has totally gotten me motivated to make at least one thing this year for Easter. I was also thinking of trying to start a tradition of maybe making a breakfast quiche or a pear tartine or something every Easter morning. Or maybe reading about Christs resurrection before heading out to church. It totally handle some family traditions.

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