GRANDmothers are GRAND

This past weekend I made a quick trip up to see my Grandma for her eighty . . . I mean her 25th birthday. I love this women so much!

When I was in college, just up the road from my grandparents, I would come to visit pretty often. She and I would sit in her livingroom until the wee hours of the morning talking long after everyone else in the house had gone to bed.

I am so glad to get to know my grandparents better as an adult. They were great when I was a kid too, but as an adult I get to know them more as a person. I always say I was blessed with the best grandparents ever, and it is so true! I am the luckest of girls.

One of my favorite stories of my grandmothers (who actually doesn't tell it, my grandpa is the one who spills the beans) is that when she got her first job and received her very own paycheck, the first thing she went to buy was for her mother. That purchase? A fur coat. This is so like my grandmother. She is always thinking of others first, she has always been a classy women, and she has always had good taste! I hope she had a great birthday with all of us kids, grandkids and even great grandkids. She deserves the best.

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