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I've been having some fun playing around with the idea of updating my blog header. I found this website via Pinterest and have pretty much been going crazy playing with all the fun FREE designs and templates she has on her site.

I like the picture that is currently my header, a shot from our tent when we were camping at the beach a few years ago. But we don't live in California or live by a beach, so I'm not sure how it really relates to this blog. Maybe something more graphic would be more appropriate.

I am in love with gray, so of course I love this one, but at the same time I hope it’s not too dull and boring.

I like that this one has the gray but has more pops of (my favorite) color. Of course, that color doesn’t really match anything else on my page, so I’m not so sure how that would work.

I love the chevron design I found on the page, but am afraid I might have made this header a bit too complicated and over loaded.

Lastly, I love the hexagonal maps, but again, I’m not really sure how that would relate to this blog. I use to do a lot of traveling, but I’ve definitely settled down now that I’m married, have an 8-5 job, with a mortgage and the whole bit.

Who knows, maybe I’ll keep playing around with it. It is so much fun. In my dreams I have a job as a photographer, graphics designer, or interior designer. Mostly just something that is visual and creative. But sadly, in reality I have neither the skills nor the talent yet. I like that I can mess around with that kind of stuff here on the blog. Makes lunches at work MUCH more entertaining!

(Just as an FYI, I made these without having photo shop by using Microsoft Word Power Point, which I then saved as a PDF, and then a JPEG. )

In other rambling news Jeff bought us a new computer the other day and I am SO EXCITED! His last computer purchase was not my favorite (crashing every few minutes!), but I’m hoping this computer has more staying power. I’m also excited that this one is a laptop so I won’t be relegated to the office but can move around my house with my computer. I can't wait to get it all set up!

Some more house hold news, KB Homes (our homes builder) was recently involved in a class action lawsuit and lost. This means that we are getting our home re-plumbed in April. That's right, our kitchen, bathrooms, and dry wall are all at the mercy of the construction crew the courts appointed to fix all of KB's shoty plumbing. I'm kind of nervous to have our home re-plumbed. It sounds so intrusive, so I hope all goes well.

This also means that I'm definitely going to hold off on any updates or painting until the construction is done. I'd hate to put up board and batten in the bathrooms just to have it torn down in a month. This also will give us more time to collect some change to save up for the bathroom renovations.

And the last big thing that is going on in the Bame house these days is that we are looking to adopt a dog!
I can't wait to walk the dog and go on hikes with a cute little pup. Now, after a few months of having to wake up early to walk the dog, I may not be so excited, but for now I am. We are still struggling to get pregnant and I think Jeff knows if I don't have something to mother soon I may be feeding him with airplane sounds, bathing him, and putting him in his PJ's every night. That energy will be better directed to pets for now!

We are looking to adopt a female dog who is around 15-20 pounds. Still youngish- maybe under 2 years old. We want a dog who is active, intelligent, and good with children and our cat. We are totally okay with mutt, but are using dogs like a Shetland Sheltie or Italian Greyhound as our models for what we'd prefer.

If you know of any please let us know. I'm finding that the animal shelters around here are very competitive. I'll see a dog one day, go to take Jeff to see it that night and they'll already be gone! But we'll end up getting the dog that's right for us someday, even if it takes a bit of time. We are use to taking our time with things!

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