Master Bathroom Plans

I have some big plans for our Master Bathroom in addition to our Guest Bathroom, since really we should be taking care of that one first, as it’s the bathroom we use every day.

1) I have always liked Navy, White and Gray for bathrooms, and since we have Navy accents all over our master bedroom, I think this color combo will fit right in. I still want to paint the bathroom cabinet white, like in the guest bathroom, and above the board and batten we’ll paint a nice dark navy (like in the picture, which can be found here.) Our master bathroom has the most sunlight in our entire house, so I’m pretty sure it can handle a dark paint color. We'll see.

2) I’m still hoping I can score a deal on some new lighting for both bathrooms, but if I only find one sweet deal, it is definitely going to be going in this bathroom!

3) I like the idea of putting up some nautical or ocean like art and accessories to bring up the room a notch. This is a free print from the NYPL Digital Gallery. (I can get lost on that website for hours). I don't want it to scream NAUTICAL THEME in your face, but a few touches will go a long way. I'm really digging all this stuff with octopus prints lately.

4) We still want to DIY board and batten along with some new base boards. I think putting it in both upstairs bathrooms will add some character to this cookie cutter.

5) Again, the same cork tiles as the guest bathroom. Keeping a lot of the same materials in both spaces will help the upstairs flow well.

6) I really want to try my hand at this DIY shower curtain. It seems simple enough, and I love the thin blue strips and ruffles. It totally floats my boat! Oh, I can tell limiting the nautical touches is going to be hard for me!

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