How to Make a Moss Covered Letter- My Easter B

After perusing Pinterest last week for cute Easter decorations I decided to go home and make myself some Easter inspired décor. I started with the moss covered letter from here.

I kind of decided to make it before I ever hit up a store or anything. I was waiting for dinner to be cooked and decided to start doodling a “B” stencil outof an empty cereal box we had sitting by the kitchen trash can. Hey, I was bored and inspired, so it works.

Once I had cut it out I realized that it probably wasn’t thick enough to attach moss to, so I traced the stencil and cut it out of an empty cardboard box I had in the garage.

I glued the two “B” stencils together, just to make it a bit stronger, and because I had both cut out already, so I used them both. Once I had glued the two together I started to paint them with the 2 colors of green craft paint I had on hand. I have never done anything with moss before, so I wanted to make sure that if it didn’t give full coverage that the green paint would show through and not old trashed cardboard. I painted both the front and back. On the back I epoxied a soda tab at the top so that I could loop some ribbon through it later for hanging. By now my dinner was done. (Ding! Hello pot pie!)

The next day on my way home from work I picked up a few supplies at Michaels. One of course being moss ($7 before coupon), and the other I’ll get to in a bit. When I got home I traced and cut out my “B” stencil from the moss. I traced it a little bigger than the actual stencil because I had not worked with it before and I wasn’t too sure if I'd need extra moss. (Any extra I ended up folding over the cardboard “B” later, but I don’t think it was necessary. Especially with how thin my “B” was.)

Next I took my glue gun and just glued the moss to my cardboard, folding over any edges when needed, until I got the look I wanted.

I left it alone for another day and let it all dry. I filled in any sparsely covered spots with the lose moss I had from cutting out the moss stencil the day before. Once it was all purty I looped some ribbon through the soda tab and hung my new wreath from our living room mirror.

Don't mind the lines on the wall, that's just a shadow from the blinds. I should have pulled them up.

I lurve it! It seems fresh like spring to me.

My other Michaels purchase was a bag of eggs ($6 bucks before a coupon). I had some Martha Stewart Glitter that I picked up at TJ Max for $3 over a year ago. I’ve wanted to have some glittery Easter eggs ever since the purchase, so I just decided to do it already.

Once I got home though I thought the Michaels eggs were a little too purty to put glitter all over them, so I decided to split them up and glitter some and not glitter some.

No tutorial needed here really, I just painted the eggs with Elmer’s glue and sprinkled with glitter until it was all covered then let fully dry.

Along with my one other previous Easter décor . . . (Peep Calm and Carry on printable from here)

I now have a few other items to add to the collection. I am still considering making a bunting banner from burlap that says “He is Risen”, but for now I think I am good. My house seems much more Easterfied!

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