30 x30 ETY update

I have really slacked on this 30X30 list. I figured since it is the end of the year, and I only have 6 more months to finish this list, that I ought to give myself a little refresher. All the things I've already done I've marked off in red:

1) Have my hair professionally dyed a dark auburn.
2) Go on a 'real' date with Jeff once a month, no family members invited. So far so good!
3) Blog once a month. So far so good!
4) Update my wardrobe with at least 5 fun and totally non-essential items.
5) Lose 20 lbs, feel more fit. I just signed up for the gym!
6) Take a road trip.
7) Organize the garage and all our tools.
8) Re-vamp the office. It needs an overhaul. I think I can mark this one off, made huge improvements
9) "Grow up" our decorating style a little. I think I did okay at this, at least our bed is no longer on the floor. I'll consider this success!
10) Paint the hallway and stairwell.
11) Frame the dried flowers from our wedding. I did this in out hallway picture grouping.
12) Print the disposable camera pictures from our wedding.
13) Make a window treatment for the kitchen window. I forgot about this, it was so simple, I should do a post about it.
14) Complete 5 crafts from the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.
15) Find at least 5 go-to recipes from "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cook Book."
16) Take better pictures with my Nikon.
17) Write, record, memorialize my grandparents history.
18) Sew something. (Kitchen window and a little bad to organize my Primary stuff)
19) Decide if I'm going back to school and for what.
20) Stop drinking caffeinated soda. I did for a while but then gave back in, boo.
21) Tithes.
22) Pray more.
23) Go to the temple once a quarter (4 times a year) So far so good!
24) Read the Book of Mormon again.
25) Get preggo.
26) If preggo, decorate the cutest nursery ever!
27) Read 6 books.
28) Reduce our monthly expenses by 10% I have reduced our expenses, but I'm not sure if it by 10%? I'll have to check.
29) Learn how to play my favorite piano song from the Sense and Sensibility movie.
30) Take a trip with just Jeff and I for our 30th birthdays

Wow, I am not doing too hot. I guess I better try and focus myself some more!


Nat said...

This is a great idea. I need to write it out like you. Maybe that's what I'll do next year. I like your blog!

The Bames said...

Thanks! I am good at writing it down, I just need to be better at actually DOING it!