Window Shopping Wednesday - Rugs

I have been searching for a good rug for our living room for ages. Rugs make such a BIG impact in a room but it seems like it is really really hard to find a good, reasonably priced rug. For the last 4 years I just used this $20 Target rug that was way too small for our space in the house. It looked okay in our apartment, but in the house it just looked silly.

It seemed like lately their started to be more viable options out there for rugs, so when our living room flooded, I took the opportunity to go rug shopping. I found a handful of good options. Overstock was my first stop. They had a great assortment of Chevron Rugs in a good price range, which I have been loving lately.

Alexa Chevron Vibe Zebra Rug for only $80 buck ( 5x7, so I would have needed two at $160)

Hand-Tufted Alexa Spectrum Chevron for $367 bucks ( a little bigger than 7x9)

Hand Made Alexa Chevron Wool for $166 buck (5x8)

Handmade Thom Filicia Griffith Park for for $302 (5x8)

There also was a cute cheap chevron rug at Apartment Therapy. I like the gray, but I really wanted it in the blue they had, which they stopped selling by the time I got around to going online to purchase it.

Zig Zag Printed Rug for $74 for 5X7 (I'd need two for $148)

As much as I like the gray, I just don't think it would go in our Living Room. Or maybe it would but I'm not talented enough to know who to make brown and gray go well together. (I just noticed that they started selling the blue again- but it was out of order for months and months)

The other great place I found graphic rugs was from Garnett Hill. I think my favorite was the one below in blue or grey.

Bogart Flat Weave, but at $629 for 8X11, it was a little out of my reach.

Out of all the graphic, zig zag rugs I found, which one would you pick? I'll give you a hint at which one I got . . .

Okay, here is the whole thing.

I really am happy with it. It is the perfect size for the sofa I think, and the light colors keep the room from getting too dark. (We could have maybe gone with a bigger rug for the size of the room, but I still wanted room to walk around it.) It was like Christmas morning the day I came home to this beauty!

Just to give you an idea of the improvement, here is the before picture again:

I am having a little trouble keeping those bright colors that I love clean with a dirty boy husband and all of his dirty boy friends though- so if anyone knows of a good carpet cleaner let me know. I've tried about 2-3 so far with mixed results. Silly dirty boys! (I hate how even without having any kids yet I still really can't have nice things.) I still love my rug though, dirt and all . . . and I still love my dirty boy hubby too :)

(Over on YHL they recently picked up a new rug too. This is how I wish my rug transformed my room, mine maybe didn't have such an impact as theirs, but its still such an improvement!)

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