Halloween & Thanksgiving

This past year we went to Santa Barbara to Camp for Halloween again. The last couple years we went to San Diego to camp, but I have to say that I just really enjoy the campgrounds near Carpentaria much better.

The trips highlights included: spotting dolphins in the ocean a few times, boogie boarding, A night at the local taco bar watching the BYU game (even though they lost badly), shopping- the candy shops and antique stores are awesome, sleeping on the beach, and yummy dutch oven cooking! I was able to snatch a few neat photos too . . .

For Thanksgiving we went up to St. George to spend the holidays with my grandparents on my father’s side. It was a good trip. Most of my dad’s brothers were able to come too, so we had a pretty good group of people for a trip that was decided pretty last minute.

It was a lovely day filled with lots of good talks, lots of good food, some games and walks- just a wonderful day to spend the holidays. Something I really noticed was that we are all getting so adult, meaning we are all so grown up now. There were no kids running around, which I kind of miss, but Jeff and I are, as always, working on trying to change that.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays like we did.

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