The creation of The BaMedia

Have I ever told you my husband is wonderful? Seriously, do you know this guy? I know I may poke at him at him from time to time on the blog, he can be a dirty stinky boy sometimes. There will always be something that is getting under my skin, bugging me, or something that I can just plain do without. But, honestly, I love this guy!

I love that he is a dirty stinky boy with different interests, tastes, and likes than me. I love that he is so smart and clever. I love how much he makes me laugh. I love that (no matter who he ended up marrying) he knew he was going to make his wife the most important person in his life and praise and adore her always. I love how dedicated he is at working on our marriage. I love his goofy grin and beaming smile. He is the love of my life.

Okay, all this praise has taken me a little bit off topic,(what can I say, I can't help myself), but my point is that my hubster Jeff has started a new blog recently, The BaMedia. He actually took my advice (stop the presses!) and started a blog about all things media/entertainment. I kind of wanted him to just tag onto my blog and give it some spice, but he wanted his own space and vibe, and honestly the two may not meld all that easily together. Like I said, we have different tastes and interests.

To find his blog easily from my own I created a tab at the top of this blog that will link anyone to his- easy peasy. I also have created a tab on his blog that links up to my blog. One for all things music and movies and new (HIS), and the other for all things home and decor and dorkiness (HERS).

He started his blog off with a 12 Days Till Christmas posting countdown. Each day he is going to post a poll with different artist singing the same Christmas song. A king of 'who sung it best?' challenge. Revisit old favorites, maybe learn about a new artist or two, and take the polls. It is a fun way to count down till the best holiday of the year! Visit often and join in the discussions (maybe cut him some slack as he moves through the learning curve of blogging. He'll know more then me in no time).

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