I Can See The Finish Line- Our flooring transformation

Our living room has undergone a pretty nifty transformation this past year, at least it has for me. We started the year with something like this . . .

Then this happened . . .

Water damage from our Water Heater. It took out our floor.

It took out our entertainment center (which was really just 2 painted dressers put together)

And it left us with cement floors for a good number of weeks while we searched for new floors.
You can see from the pictures when we were removing the floors that it was around general conference time. This time around conference we had a whole new set up.

We have a new TV stand that we purchased at the RC Willey's Outlet store for around $400 (Originally it was nearly $900- Yikes).

We are in the process of changing out the hardware to make it look a little more us, and less grandma-ish. (We are putting the bone handles on and switching out the brass.)

We have new floors too! Hurray Hallelujah! Now I can't believe this but I don't have any pictures of the space while we putting in our new purty floors, but I do have this close up shot.

We chose a Mohawk Laminate floor from Budget Floors over in BFE (or North Las Vegas). I did all the research and everything, but even with that I have mixed reviews on this floor.

I love:

1. The way it looks, with the light and dark tones. It really brings together our light and darker toned woods in the room and makes it look cohesive.

2. I loved the price, which was around $2 a square foot (so bad that I can't even remember the exact price anymore).

3. Budget Flooring. They were so easy to work with. We bought the floor mat and the laminate at once for a good price.

What I don't love:

1. Floors quality, Jeff had to relay the floor once (first time it wasn't done right, I wasn't home to supervise). When he took the floor up and re-laid it down the edges and stuff started to peel. There are even some scratches in it already. Our old Pergo was taken from an old house, stored in a garage, and then re-laid in our house and still looked pristine. I'm note sure if that was because of the name brand difference or the age. Older laminate seems to just be better to me, but either way I am totally disappointed with the quality of the floor. I feel like I have to tip toe around it.

2. We had to pick up our own flooring. Budget didn't deliver and it wasn't stored on site. Maybe that is how the flooring is so cheap?

All in all I am pretty stoked with the result still. I am just really glad to have the floor down. It has been down for a few months now, I kept waiting to post this post because we have yet to put in the base boards. We will get to it someday I hope.

With this living room transformation, along with a few changes I made upstairs, I think I can totally cross off "growing up our decor style" off of my 30X30 list. I really need to get cracking on this list! Slowly but surely :)

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Kathy said...

The TV stand surprisingly matched the flooring of your choice! They create an elegant combination! Did you hire professional help for the installation of that new floor? I’m thinking of renovating my bedroom floor and ceiling. And I think it would be great if I can get professional help with the whole process. I guess I see it as one way of enriching myself with new knowledge!

Kathy Carbone