Pinterest Pickings- B is for Buttons

Everyone I know who gets on Pinterest is almost immediately addicted. I am no exception. I like to pin and pin, but sometimes, I also like to make the stuff I pin. My latest Pinterest creation was inspired by this lovely heart button/ pin art done by Rockett St George.

I was immediately smitten when I saw this guy. But at 185 pounds!?!? I think I will pass on purchasing it. I decided to mix it up with a little inspiration from this guy too. A cute little letter made out of buttons. I think something like this would be adorable in a nursery or child's room, but maybe a little to sweet for an adult space.

So with my inspiration in tow I set out to make my own buttony goodness. What I ended up with is this "B" made up of Jeff and I's concert pins and other paraphernalia that we've gotten on vacation and such.(The B is actually for Bame, not Buttons)

To make it I printed out a large bolded "B" on my computer and cut it out. I already had the shadow box so I took out the black velvet backing, laid it down on the floor and centered my "B". I gathered all the pins from around the house and just started pinning, trying to make sure the colors of the pins were dispersed evenly around the "B." The pins keep the paper in place and the paper acts as the outline to follow.

I still have a few empty spots to fill, which will be easy to complete the next time we go to a concert and pick up some pins. I can still see some pieces of white paper peaking in through the cracks but I kind of like the way it looks. If you didn't you could always use a piece of paper the same as your background, or once you have the general idea of the outline figured out just tear out the paper from behind.

I love my little "B". It is still pretty sweet, but with the concert pins it is more like Sweeeeeet! Right now my "B" is living in our office and it makes me smile whenever I pass by the door and see it there. So glad people share their craftiness on Pinterest for all to see!


Jen said...

So cool! The brightness of it is so fun. Definitely sweeeeet too.

Jacob and Emily said...

Isn't so fun when you actually create stuff?! I think this is great! Good job!

The Bames said...