I Am Grateful

This last Sunday at church (learn more about my church here) one of the speakers related a story from his mission. While on his mission he attended a talk from one of the General Authorities (don't remember which Authority) where they presented a challenge to all the missionary attendees. The challenge was to say a prayer where they only thanked their Heavenly Father for their blessings and didn’t bring up anything else. No wants, needs or desires, just thanks. This is such a nice idea, but the kicker for me was when he said there was a time limit goal involved . . . 30 minutes.

The speaker warned that after the first 5 to 10 minutes that the person praying may begin to stumble and struggle for more blessings to show their gratitude, but if they stuck with it, other things would come to mind and they would be amazed at their many blessings. By taking the time to thank their Heavenly Father the speaker promised that the person praying would feel the Spirit in a new way and have a deeper relationship with their Savior.

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This is such a great challenge! I am sure I would be stumbling after only a few minutes, but I know that there is so much that I should be thankful for. Being more thankful is something I really could work on. I am not sure if I will take up this challenge in my personal prayers, but thought I would pass it along in case anyone else wants to give it a go too. (Another tool to add to an arsenal with Oprah's gratitude journaling, or a thankful jar.) As a kind of warm up exercise for this kind of "Grateful Challenge" I have made a list of 30 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!

1. I get to be married to Jeff!
2. Jeff’s sense of humor. He makes me laugh every day, which didn’t always happen before he was in my life.
3. My sisters.
4. Having such a close relationship with my sisters. They are my best friends and some of the most remarkable ladies I know. I am so lucky to have them in my life.
5. Still having all 4 of my grandparents alive at age 29. Getting to know my Grandparents as an adult has let me learn so much more about them.
6. Which leads me to #5, having the most AWESOME Grandparents ever ! Seriously. I do.
7. My parents are pretty amazing too.
8. My dad gives me the coolest gifts that I never even knew I wanted until he gives them to me.
9. My camera
10. My car, I love the freedom it provides.
11. My phone
12. Living in a time where so much technology is available.
13. Being able to have a hot shower every day! Mmmm. My favorite.
14. Chocolate
15. My church calling in the Young Women. It has really helped me grow.
16. The girls in our Young Women. They make it so easy to love each and every one of them.
17. Living when the Gospel has been restored to the earth.
18. Having a living prophet.
19. Living so close to the Temple.
20. My job
21. My house
22. Hand written notes
23. Pinterest. Yes, it made the list.
24. My one and only pet, Opal the cat.
25. Medical advancements, to help us have babies, save and extend our lives, and ease peoples suffering.
26. Democracy (even if ours isn’t really working right now).
27. Good books
28. Eternal Families
29. Good Health
30. Spending time with my family during the holidays!

Well that was super easy! There is so much to be thankful for. What are you thankful for?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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