Office Problems

Almost a year ago we did a mini over hall on our office. It looked so much better, it was so much more functional, and I was excited to purposefully finish it off with accessories. You know, make a color scheme, make some big plans, and decisively purchase and make items for this room. Well, you know what happens with me and BIG plans? They don’t happen. Our office has been sitting basically untouched since our mini over hall nearly a year ago!

I did my usual, paralyzed about choosing the right color pallet, too cheap to purchase any big art/accessory statements and blah, blah, blah. Hence, nothing happened.

When I realized how long it has already been since I was supposed to have finished this room, I got a little queasy. No wonder it is taking me so long to get my house looking finished and/ or presentable. I thought about the “Dude, get on that already” challenge over on YHL they started. If they can take on extra projects with their busy schedule, then I should be able to do something about a sad forgotten office. I had to do something about it! That is when I remembered picking up some sweet contact paper a couple weeks ago. I had no idea what to do with it at the time, but it was really cute and only $6 so I bought it.

I started with the white metal IKEA boards we picked up over the summer. Even though they kind of look like white boards, you actually can’t write on them, so I wouldn’t be losing any of their functionality by covering them with contact paper. It was really easy to purtty them up. All I did was . . .

Presto! And I was done in about 10 minutes for both boards. They look a little happier in there now and the whole place looks a little less sterile. It may not be a forever fix (or knowing me it may very well be a forever fix), but I’m hoping that it will bring a bit more cheer to the room until I get a more motivated to update the space to reals.

Then I turned my attention to the other side of the room. The one improvement since the mini over hall was the purchase of the settee which we also bought over the summer a few months after painting and making the desk area.

All I did for this side was hang a map that I had crafted up for Christmas (trying to channel this gorgeous map from Emily Henderson).

and I put contact paper the fronts of our old and dented file cabinet, and hang up a cork tile that I made into a changeable monthly calendar with more contact paper.

All in all it is okay. Nothing spectacular for sure, but it is a bit more cheery until I get myself together to really finish off this room. For $6 and 20 minutes total, it is a good enough improvement.

Just so I am clear with myself, in order to really finish off this room I will need to:

1) Accessorize: meaning buy or make large art pieces. Buy or make shelves for the East facing wall. Shop the house for some cute chochkees.
2) Get pillows for the settee.
3) Recover or purchase a new desk chair.
4) Put down a rug.
5) Install the ceiling fan we’ve purchased and is still sitting in the garage.
6) Paint the legs of the settee a dark gray.
7) Purchase a new computer since ours recently died. It is odd to have an office without a computer!

Maybe one day I will get to it. Some magical point when I have the free time and money to accomplish all that needs to be done. That will indeed be a good day!

Sorry again for the bad pictures, I'm still using my phone as I don't have access to a computer to put my camera chip into.


Jen said...

Mmmm, the contact paper on the boards is SUCH a great idea. They look like fabulous curtains and totally open up that wall. As usual, it all looks great. I'm serious about hiring you to decorate my house in a few years.

The Bames said...

Thanks Jen! I would help you decorate anytime. That sofa you recovered is so amazing. I wish I had your talent for sewing.