Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I want to get spoiled with jewels and flowers from a muscle clad man, but because it is such a great reminder to let those you love in your life know how much you care for them. It wasn’t always my favorite holiday, I use to hate it. Fake plastic hearts, pressured statements of love, and all that. But once I figured out what I wanted the holiday to mean to me personally, I really started to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, this year I have been totally bogged down with those not-so-fun parts of being an adult, responsibilities are really over rated. It made Valentines take a bit of second seat this year, but that’s okay.

I always give my sisters a little somethin’ somethin’ for Valentines and this year wasn’t any different. I gave them each some homemade bath salts that were rose scented, each in a different corked jar from Michaels. I only got a picture of the one, because I forgot to get a picture of them all together, but the girls liked them. They said it made them smell good all day

For my man I made him one of his favorite dinners (which is a treat because I don't cook), gave him a good back message(at least longer than 5 minutes), and I gifted him some random items that I know he’d been needing along with a pre-ordered FUN CD and Shin tickets (for anyone who likes FUN you should check out the lead singer’s old band The Format. They were awesome.)

(Pic: Chicken Alfredo, Garlic Toast, Brussels Sprouts, and Sparkling Cider. Chocolate covered strawberries were the dessert.)

Jeff surprised me earlier at work with my favorite color of roses (yellow) and took me out to lunch. I was so happy to see him; I just really needed it that day!

Later that night he gave me his official Valentines gift which included a few movies (two were Muppet movies, I’m sure those really were for him), clothes, and wait for it . . .

Eddie Vedder Tickets!

I am so excited to go see him! I’ve never seen him solo without the band. I can’t wait to see him and just melt by his voice. He is so wonderful. Jeff is so wonderful, Eddie of course is great too, but I mean Jeff is so wonderful for getting me the tickets. I was kind of sweating how I was going to pull off buying both The Shins & Eddie Vedder tickets. So. So. Excited!

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