Impromptu SOUPer Bowl Party

This past Sunday we had a little Impromptu Super Bowl party with my family. We have the good fortune of sporting the best TV in the fam’ (at least the best one that is currently set up, Mat and Lora just moved into a new house) so it just ended up that people needed a spot to watch the game and we were it.

I am glad it actually just kind of just fell this way because if I had too much time to prepare I would have driven myself nuts planning like I always do, and I have been WAY too swamped lately to get into all of that. My simple and quick menu was Chicken Tortilla Soup for the Souper Bowl (Oh man, I’m such a dork. Have to have a theme even when putting things together on a whim). Jeff made his scrumptious guacamole dip and my sister brought by a 7 layer bean dip a little later on to fill out the menu.

I got the soup recipe from “Not Your Mothers Slow Cooker Cookbook.” It was really good, definitely a keeper for the future.

Jeff even thought up a little game for us to play, he knows me so well. Starting after the half time show we started to rate all of the commercials on a 1-5 scale, five being the highest. I made these quick little rating cards, not very cute, but they got the job done. My youngest sister, Jade, who is modeling the cards however is way too cute!

Our favorite commercial was the Greek Yogurt commercial with John Stamos. Runners up were the Acura, Honda, and Fiat commercials. I guess my family likes car commercials. Overall though we thought there was a serious lack of funny commercials this Super Bowl, nothing like last year.

It was a pretty sweet night, good game, good food, and I loved spending time with the family. We had everybody over plus some just a couple weeks ago for Lora’s Birthday too. I could easily get use to hosting these family gatherings. I really love having my house full of those that I love the most!

(Sorry for the pictures. I'm still out of a computer so I'm filtering my camera photos to try and hide their poor quality.)

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