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We are finally laying the flooring downstairs, which means I can try and finish what I started months ago - the office. Our old office was burnt orange, white and black, with yellow walls. Every time I went in there I felt like the room was screaming at me. Now with the cool grays and ample doses of white it feels much more serene. So serene it is a bit boring and I need to bring it up a notch.

My starting point is most definately this amazing quilt that my mum-in-law gave us for our wedding. It's black, white, and red - some of the colors we used at our wedding. It is such a nice gift, I want to make sure it has a secure home in the office where it will be safe, rarely used, and we'll still see it every week. I am not a huge fan of just using these three colors for the entire room as the whole color combo though. That reminds me of the 80's for some reason. I want to bring in another dominant color.

My first thought is one my all time favorit color combinations to go with the newly painted walls- Gray and Yellow. I even spotted this table cloth at Target that I would want to make some pillow covers with, or possibly make a slip cover for the office chair. For me there is just no happier color combo than yellow and gray.

Plus, yellow and gray were just ment to be bestfriends. Seriously, they are marvelous together

Picture can be found here.

But this color combo has me thinking- isn't yellow and red the color combo I just tried to get rid of by painting the old yellow walls and changing out my old redish desks? I thought I was going for a cool, relaxing work space. Maybe red and yellow aren't the best way to go.

So when I think of red (or more of a burnt orange is what I am trying to incorporate) what complimentary color comes to mind? None other than blue, my most favorite color. Now, that wouldn't be a bad idea! It would even help tie our downstairs blue living room with the upstairs. Make the flow of the house more cohesive.

After all, red and blue is a very traditional color combo. (The above picture can be found here
) Traditional, classic - Those are definately two styles that I am trying to incorporate into our decor. One of my 30X30 goals is to have our style grow up a bit. Maybe a traditional color combination would play well with the sleek, modern IKEA style we have going on in there so far. Plus I've always wanted to use yellow and gray in a nursery someday. But can I really turn my back on yellow and gray- it's just too cute? Hmmm. I just can't decide. what to do, what to do?

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