Scout - The Dog Diga De

Please meet the newest member of our family, Scout!

We adopted Scout this past weekend from the Las Vegas Dog Rescue. Scout is a 3 year old Whippet mix. She was a stray in Kauai Hawaii, so they are not certain about her past or her exact breeding, but it is pretty clear that she has had a pretty rough life with all of her scares and skittish nature.

Even if she has had it rough, she is still so sweet and gentle. She is friendly to everyone she meets and wants to be buddies with all her canine friends too. I think with some time and lots of love she will totally come around. I've already noticed a difference in her since Saturday and even got a few tail wags in the last few days.

I've been doing my research for how to care for a rescued dog that may have been abused and will continue to try and grow her confidence with a set schedule, some training, and lots of praise and love. She is pretty awesome, and will get more comfortable with us and herself as time goes on.

(First time I left her unsupervised for an hour I came home to a little bit of a mess. I couldn't even get mad at her because she is just too cute and I was glad to see her acting so dog-like.)

Jeff and Opal (our cat) are still unsure about the whole things too. Jeff isn't a "pet" person and didn't grow up with any animals around, but I think they'll be pals soon enough. He is after all the one who named her (Scout is from his favorite book To Kill a Mockingbird) and already has loads of pictures of her on his phone. Once Opal realizes she's still my #1 cat I'm sure they will get along too (Scout seems to already want to be friends with her). It will take us all a while to adjust to one another but I am SO EXCITED about our new addition. I have wanted a dog for so long, and this sweet girl was meant to be ours!

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