My last post about feeling like I’m in a rut with the house got me thinking about “my list”. You know, the list that I keep running in my head with all the ideas I have to revamp our little condhouse. Everyone has their own list. I recently came across a list Jeff wrote with ideas on how we should spend our tax return money (an awesome list with vacations, cool toys, and perks- but of course we are going to use it to reduce debt and not have any fun. We’re cool like that). I thought it was very enlightening because what’s on his list is very different than what is on the list I carry around in my head.

Back in January of 2010 I wrote a small list of things I’d like to change downstairs, so I thought I would jot down an updated list for the house and then, maybe – just maybe, I’ll even review my 30 x 30 list. I only have a few months for that you know. Imagine that Amber, don’t be scared, you’ll be alright! Gray type is the old stuff and blue is the NEW. Here she blows . . .


Granite Updated counter top for the kitchen island
Cute cafe curtains for the kitchen window (I should post about this one)
Microwave mounted above the stove
Herringbone marble subway tiles for the back splash

Fix plumbing behind the fridge so we can hook up our water and ice

(I’d love new appliances too, but since those normally stay with a house, I think I’ll wait to make those big purchases in a more “forever home.”)

Living Area:
Nicer TV stand (not just my old dressers painted brown, maybe something that is actually wood),
Brown carpet tiles for an area rug,
I got an even better rug! Woot! Woot!
Pair of unique antique chairs to replace the Salvation Army finds
Round glass kitchen table from Crate & Barrel w/ upholstered dining chairs

Buy/ make an upholstered ottoman/coffee table in burlap or something
Reupholster or make a slip cover for my sofa in a linen fabric
Add more texture to the room through fabrics, plants, and natural materials
Large art piece or installation to go above the sofa
Finish the flooring with baseboards and trim
Paint the Stairwell
Tare up the carpet on the stairs and install wood

Clean out the closet to prepare for when it’s a bedroom
Fix electrical for light and ceiling fan

our back yard no longer looks like this. All those plants died

Fire pit
More seating
Bamboo & Shrubbery (Something I won’t kill off so fast)
Stained cement

Update patio table top with rustic farm wood
Create a planting or art instillation to give us more privacy from the street
When kids come- make sand box, chalk board wall, and toy storage benches

Guest Room:
Turn into a Nursery/Kids room someday. (It is okay for now; we don’t really use it that often.)

Add art and accessories to the entire space
Add some kind of blind treatment
Paint the settee legs gray
Add texture with a rug, pillows and throws
Clean out the closet to make it more functional
Fix electrical for light and ceiling fan

Master Bedroom:
Re-paint the room a warm taupe-y gray. (Enough with the Easter green walls. I may even go white?)
Possibly do a wallpaper-like paint treatment on the bed wall
Navy and burlap decorative bed pillows
Better art for above our night stands
Make legs for Jeff’s night stand
Better style our nightstands
Buy an attractive laundry basket
Fix electrical for light and ceiling fan

Upstairs Bathrooms:
Paint Walls (Master= Navy, Hall=?)
Install Board &; Batten wall treatment
Flooring (hopefully cork)
Paint vanity cabinet
Update lighting
New shower curtains
Hang bathroom friendly art

Geeze, and I thought my Jan 2010 post was reaching for the stars. I’ve actually done better on that small little list then I thought I would ever do. Hopefully in another couple of years I have a few more checked off my list of wishes! (I understand this list means nothing to anyone except to me, so sorry for anyone who actually tried to read this.)

Alright that is enough listing for one day. I just don’t have it in me to look at my 30 x30 list today. I’ll take a gander at it next week. After all, a girls got to pace herself from all that list making and not actually doing anything. All that typing is just such hard work!


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Staci said...

Sounds like a lot of work for all of you. You have a beautiful house. I hope you accomplished everything that's on the list. Some would require professional help though, like the electrical job and the ceiling fan. Did you manage to fix those too?

Staci Severns @Brooklyn Fan