Easter Happenings

Jeff tried to make these cute little deviled egg chicks for me this year for Easter. He said that I am always doing cute little things for him so he wanted to try and do somethings for me. My cute little deviled egg chicks (which will not be pictured here, save him the embarrassment) were served along with my favorite dinner (couscous, grilled talapia, and mango chutney), out on the patio, with a bouquet of yellow tulips he had picked up as the center piece. Okay . . . swoon. My husband is the best!

You can find these cute eggs pictured above and the Recipe/How To over at the Simple Homemaker.

Besides my sweet hubby making me an awesome dinner this past Easter week we also went over to his parents house on Sunday for a traditional Easter dinner with ham, funeral potatoes, and homemade rolls. Easter dinner is always my favorite. With that and the awesome candy, I really do think it's the best holiday when it comes to food!

Jeff's parents also have an interesting tradition where instead of hiding Easter Eggs, they hide entire Easter Baskets. They put baskets all over the backyard, on the roof, in the shed, and every where in between; we each have to find the basket with our name on it. It's pretty fun. They get very creative with where they hid those things. I think it must have stemmed from having 8 kids and wanting to make sure everyone got the same share, instead of the older kids taking the whole haul.

It was a very lovely Easter week. So sad to see it go! How was your Easter?

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