Window Shopping Wednesday- Modern Metal Chairs

You may remember my back yard patio inspiration I had this past summer. I fell in love with this modern and rustic patio table and chairs. So lovely!

I got some rustic wood for a table top when I went to go visit my family in the sticks, I mean, in Eastern Utah. My hubster is still working on getting that table made for me, so my next duty was to try and get the same look of a modern metal chair for the patio/backyard. (Hopefully we’ll have everything together for the patio by spring.) I went online and did some window shoppin'.

I found these chairs as follows:

1. Knoll for $539.00 each. This is the real, original Bertoia chair. Just a little out of my price range- ha ha

2. Amazon for $100 each. Amazon is great for a good knock off, and the difference in price from the original is pretty amazing, but this is still a bit pricey for patio furniture in my taste.

3. Onsugar for $160 each. This chair is beautiful, but again a bit too much dough.

4. Crate & Barrel for $199 each. I thought I would have to get off the Bertoia knocks off because they were just too expensive. I fell in love with this guy at Crate & Barrel, but still no dice.

5. Overstock for $136 for a pair. Once I found these guys on Overstock I knew I had found the right website. I wasn’t too crazy about the style, but I was in love with the price.

6. Overstock for $205 for a set of 4, yes I said 4 chairs for just over two hundred dollars! Baby I was in business!

I picked up a set when I bought my rug from Overstock a while back. I really like them so far. They may not be as elegant as the originals, but I love the modern metal look of them, and they are pretty darn comfy to boot.

An extra plus is that I can stack these babies up under the pergola when it rains and keep them dry. When you have a small house and small back yard something like a chair being stackable is a major bonus! Here is a little beaut’ in my back yard (one of four):

On another note, I still do not have access to my crashed home computer, which means this picture and any recent pictures are from my phone. Sorry for the poor quality. To dig myself in an even deeper hole I decided that in an effort to save some benjamins I am going to go back to my old non-smart phone.

That means no emailing myself pictures, no checking my personal emails at any time, it means I may go crazy. But, it will help me save some money. And with my goal to cut back our bills by 15% I really needed to take off some money from somewhere. I’ve only had a smart phone for about a year, it can’t be that hard to go back to a normal phone can it?

I am hoping that if I am really REALLY good and my husband loves me so SO much, that just maybe I can get a laptop, ipad, or Kindle Fire for my birthday this summer. Until then I’m not really sure what I’ll do for photo uploading and general playing around, but I’m sure I’ll still find a way to entertain myself somehow. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone buy some neato patio furniture for the spring?

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