52 Weeks of Clean

My computer is still down for the count. Hopefully we can get someone out to look at it this week but it’s not looking promising. Which means all my Christmas pictures and everything are still locked up in my camera, I’ll have to catch up on some of the Christmas stuff later. This also means that Jeff hasn’t made his annual End of the Year CD Mix that he normally makes; it’s amazing how much we rely on our little home computer to entertain us! Haha!

Any who, I made a project back in the summer (when I was all amped to clean every inch of my house in the nice weather) that seems to be pretty relevant to the New Year. I noticed I was utilizing a lot of those cleaning projects that I found on the web to try and keep me up to date on all my regular and seasonal deep cleaning, but they weren’t exactly right for those problem areas I have in my house.

I spotted this one on Pinterest:

Awesome, but maybe too broad? I don’t remember things that aren’t written down very well, so I need a bit more detail.

This one was from Martha Stewart:

This lady has way too much time on her hands to clean, I found I needed the abridged version of this!

I was starting to feel like Goldie Locks, needing to find a cleaning schedule that was just right for me. Knowing it would probably be impossible to find it, I made my own DIY version. A weekly (all 52 of them) cleaning to do list (with some daily chores that are harder for me to remember, and one or two deep cleaning chores that I need to do periodically).

Now this is just right for me, or if it’s not quite right, I always have the option of changing it up. I like making it just for me, and it worked out really well for a while too. It all kind of started to fall apart and I found that I was weeks behind once it started to get closer to the holidays, but I think having something written down to reference is just what I need to keep me on a better cleaning track. I am determined to try and stick by this cleaning calendar this year (again, making any changes that I need to along the way).

This may not be perfect for everyone. I know some people that change their bed sheets every other day, or someone else might think it’s odd that I clean my walls. Everyone has their own cleaning must do’s, since it is just Jeff and I in the house (okay, and the cat too) we really don’t get things too dirty, and try to take a more laid back approach to cleaning. I know that may seem odd, since I spent a few lunch hours trying to perfect a cleaning calendar, but really this was just something to put into place so I wouldn’t forget to wipe down the base boards or dust the fans.

Feel free to steal mine for yourself and edit it to your heart’s desire. You could probably make it cuter too, this was made for a very utilitarian purpose for me, I wasn’t really worried about doing any bells or whistles. I just printed mine off, cute it out on the lines, glued it to some small note cards from the dollar store, punched a hole in the corner and put them all on a circle key holder thingy. It is hanging in my kitchen so I can quickly look at it anytime and remember what I need to get done that week. I am hoping for a cleaner and brighter 2012!

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