I've Got Wood

On a recent family vacation to eastern Utah I took the opportunity to find myself some reclaimed wood. Why you may ask? Well, it's because I have been drooling over this picture I found on Pinterest for the past few months.

It's a beauty right? I love everything about it. The rustic wood, the modern metal chairs, the string lights. I knew I wanted to re-create something similar for our own patio/backyard. I tried to find a salvation yard in LV, but the only ones I found are open to people with a construction licenses. Boo on them! So, luckily my Uncle hooked me up with some old, rustic, gray wood while on vacation.

My family must have thought I was insane lugging it back with me for the 7 hour drive, but it was worth it to me. Now we have a pile of wood in the garage and we need to figure out how to make ourselves a table!

At first I thought this gorgeousness was just out of my reach because I couldn't find chairs that I'd be able/willing to throw down the Benjamin's for. I found similar chairs at Overstock.com, but they were over $100 a chair (That is over $400 buck for the 4 chairs I want). I just couldn't pull the trigger on something that would cost so much. Then I found another great inspiration photo on Young House Love.

These ladies also found their chairs on Overstock, but these babies were just around $200 for 4 chairs. They even come in a variety of colors like black, red, and white. This is still pretty expensive for me. But I have talked myself into it by saying that I would spend more than that on 4 quality outdoor chairs, and these will fit our small space even better because they are stackable. Now, the hard part. Making the table.

I found this cool little tutorial on Apartment Therapy and I'm sure I'll turn to google for all the 'how to's' when we get down to building the table itself. I also like how they used Vika Lerberg legs from Ikea. It seems like such a simple solution. I'd even like these spray painted in a cool color, like a bright red or yellow. (I don't mind getting a little more adventurous with color outside for some reason.) Plus it seems like a good price at only $30 buck for the pair with shipping.

I found this table on Pinterest too. I L.O.V.E the painted turquoise legs. They are amazing. I am just not sure if I would be able to re-create this. First, I'd have to find a cheapo table on Craigslist with amazing legs. Second, I'd have to be able to take it down to the right measurements for our space. Third, I'd have to figure out how to paint and sand down the legs so they look all rustic like. I do not know if I have that much faith in my faux painting abilities. But this is still one of my top choices for some sexy backyard table legs.
This beauty I found on Pinterest as well. I really like the clean lines but think it may be a little too modern for the look I am going for. It reminds me of something I would find in West Elm (which I love, just maybe not for our rustic table). The other plus with these legs is I think that they would not be very intrusive and leave plenty of swinging room for our legs.
Lastly, these hairpin legs are probably my top choice. I found these hairpin legs online for only $18 a pop at 28 inches tall. I love them. They read rustic, retro, and simple to me. But even though I love them, I'm still a little hesitant. I know I got the wood for free and all, but $72 bucks plus shipping seems like a lot for table legs. Especially when I have to pay for the chairs too. I'd really have to make sure the table was made correctly and would stand the test of time if I was going to put that kind of money into it.

It will still be a while until we get cracking on the table anyways, so we'll have some time to think about it. I do not want to try and bust this thing out in 108degrees this summer. I plan to start the tables construction around September. (Or, I guess I should say I'll start asking Jeff to make this starting in September.) If anyone still reads this blog would you mind letting me know which one if your favorite? I know I'm going to be pretty indecisive on this one.

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