When I spent a summer in Hawaii I loved that everyone had names for their houses. Everyone knew the names of the houses so it was easy to give directions or tell someone where a party was at. I lived in the "junkyard house" - named because the owners lived in the garage and kept a lot of weird trash-like things in the front yard. Not the best name, but it wasn't the best house.

So, I have wanted to continue the house naming tradition here on the mainland as well. Even if no one knows the name of our house I love giving things nicknames, and of course Jeff is the king of nickname giving, so it only seems right for our house to have a name.

Jeff and I were discussing possible names and of course he came up with the perfect one. We feel like even though the house is a SFR it feels more like a town home or a condo because of the 1 car garage and close proximity to the neighbors. We decided that the houses name should be "Condhouse," not quite a condo, not quite a house. We were thinking of other names that refered to the mud color of stucco or it's foreclosure status, but this seemed to be the right one.

I realize that I name almost everything, my cars, furniture, strangers, etc. I think humans as a whole have an obsession with labeling and naming everything. For example, the skin on the human elbow is named the wenis, why does the skin on the elbow need a name? Or for that matter a car? But I know I will continue to name things and find strange pleasure in it.

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