2009 - oh so cliche

When I was at the bank today writing the date I realized that this was most likely the last time I would write 2008 in 2008. It makes me a little sad. The older I get the faster time seems to go, I'm not sure I'm ready for 2008 to leave.

But as I look to the next year I can't help but think of what I would like to accomplish in it, even though I am not the biggest resolution maker, these are a few things I'd like to be better at in the next year:

- Save more money
- Pay off more debt/ stay on budget
- Look more put together on a consistent basis
- Feel secure in my job/ get promoted
- Do the laundry, grocery shop, and clean more regularly and on a schedule
- Spend more time with family
- Meet new people
- Hug Jeff more often
- family prayer/ FHE/ scripture study more regularly
- Be strong (physically and emotionally)

Looks like I need a blackberry or something for the next year. Everything seems to correlate with being on a more regulated schedule and not being lazy, the struggle of my life.

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Jacob & Emily said...

I have the best budget maker if you would like it. I ripped it off the Mac Budgeting thing. But recreated it in Excel. It's amazing and it helps you track everything. Let me know if you want it.