The colleges in Nevada suck!

I am trying to register for one measly spring semester class. I don't want to be an admitted student, I just want to take one class. While I was trying to register for this class at any of the 3 colleges or universities in Las Vegas it became apparent to me that they could care less if I ever registered or if they answered a freakin' phone during business hours.

I'm not saying I need to be handled with knit gloves, but isn't the higher education system in Nevada suffering? Don't you think they would want the nearly $500 it cost for a student like me to take one freakin' class? I will be a great student at whatever college I eventually can register at but who knows if I will ever be able to or if I can. There are so many hoops and requirements and FEES to just try and register for one class - all before I know if the class I want is even still open. It is ridiculous!!! Sorry for the rant but I just had to get it out. Even navigating their websites is a mess. I went to little SUU - not a huge school - and registration with them was much simpler and achievable. Maybe that is why I chose to go out of state and pay for part of it rather than go to school for free in Las Vegas.

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Sarah said...

AH! I agree! I loved SUU! Life was so much easier! I hate UNLV. I feel for ya!