Thanks to Heather, I now know where the popularity of my name came from. It was a book written in 1944 called 'Forever Amber.' It was a provocative romance novel that continued to be the best selling novel all through the 40's. It was so controversial that Boston banned the book.

Am I narcissistic because now I want to read the book or rent the movie? I 've always wanted to know where my name came from, short of my mom liking the name of a college roommate named Amber.

Does anyone else have an obsession with their name. It is a running joke in my family. People give me candles, fragrances, jewelry, basically anything dealing with my name. I also like monograms. Does anyone else have these issues? Where does your name come from?


Jen said...

You should read that book! Banned by Boston--that makes it intriguing.

I should love my name more, considering that I am named after a fantastic aunt, but . . . I've always despised being one of many, many, many Jennifers. Growing up I was "Jenny," but after a while I only allowed family members to call me that (some still do, which I actually like). People will say "Jen-ay" like Forrest Gump says it, which is lame and not even half as fun as Amber-scented items.

So, no, no obsession with my name. Except having a common name has given me an obsession to not name my kids common names.

But, based on the length of this post, I apparently DO have an obsession with my name. :)

Jacob & Emily said...

Maybe if my name was cool like yours and could be interchangeable, I would have an obsession. I do have to say I love the name Sage (I'm not sure how your sister spells it!) but then I married and have the last name Brashear. So I couldn't name my daughter Sage Brashear (it would sound like Sage Brush Ear). So my obsession with Sage was gone. Needless to say, we named the dog Sage and that ended my obsession.