YW Activity- SPA Night

For the last couple of years I have been in the Young Womens Presidency in my LDS Ward. (Please visit here to learn more about my faith.) I started out as the secretary but am now serving as the First Counselor over the female youth group. I thought it would be fun to post some of our more successful mutual nights or cute activity ideas.

One of our leaders thought up this activity based on an activity that she remembered doing when she was younger. We called it a "SPA" Night. The leaders brought a bunch of beauty products from home, like nail polish, bath/foot soaking fizzies, and face masks. We induldged in a little pampering with the girls, painted each others nails and relaxed. Then, near the end of the activity we gave each girl a SPA Journal, which stands for Scriptures, Prayers, and Answers. We encourage the Young Women to keep a journal seperate from their everyday journal, using this one specifically for inspirational and favorite scriptures,  insights and revelation from reading their scriptures, daily prayers and the answers they receive.

We did this activity the week before General Conference and further encouraged them to watch General Conference after saying a prayer and to look for specific answers to questions they might have. We asked them to record thier experience in their SPA Journals. The activity would work for any time of year, but I think it works well before General Conference or Girls Camp, a time when they can start practing writing in their SPA journals right away.

I made some cute little handouts for the girls to take home as well. I got the small baskets and loufas from the dollar store and filled them with some homemade bath salts that I already had on hand. Handouts for all the girls only costs me $3, and it shouldn't be too much more if you need to buy supplies to make homemade bath salts. Heck, you can even buy bath salts at some dollar stores or in bulk at WalMart.

Overall it was a successful night. It was pretty laid back and easy but had a good spiritual punch to it as well. Here are some links to others who did similar activities with thier own spin for some more ideas, or of course, look it up on Pinterst for tons of ideas.


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