Black & White, what makes it work

Black and White is such classic color combination and it never really goes out of style, but for some reason I cannot get enough of the updated black and white trend that is everywhere right now. Seriously, I'm helping plan my younger sisters bridal shower and I just want to make EVERYTHING black and white. My sisters/ co-party throwers have to remind me, "Where's the color Amber?"

Oh, let's pause for a moment. Did you catch that little tid-bit in that last paragraph? Yes, My sister is getting married!!! My LITTLE sister!!! I think it is insane, I still think of her in diapers, but alas, she is an adult now and that girl is getting hitched! She was scheduled for an LDS mission last time I posted about her, but some handsome lad just swept her right off her feet and changed her plans. So excited for her happiness!

Any who, my desire for everything black and white made me stop and think for a little bit. Why am I (and lots of designers out there) loving black and white so much lately if it's really always been kickin' around? I decided to analyze myself and think about what makes black and white work and what does not? This is what I came up with.

First up, and probably the biggest part of the most recent trend I'm loving, is having crisp geometric patterns. I think this is the quickest way to make black and white feel updated and clean. It just makes my eyes happy.

Next, the BOLD factor. A small black and white strip just doesn't do it for me the same way that a big and bold black and white strip does, you know. The bolder the better! Something that really grabs your eye and calls out for attention.

And finally, I also am really loving those classic pieces that are some how being updated by our tried and true black and white combo. It feels like home and comfortable, but also new and fresh at the same time.

Lastly, as much as I love black and white trending right now, I have also seen it done badly. The most sure ways to suck the life out this duo is making it too fussy and fru-fru. If there is detailed or intricate patter, or honestly, just something very girlie, it doesn't do it for me in black and white. I like the masculine side to this color combo.

I also don't think that black and white has the magical powers it takes to revive dated patterns and shapes. Taking a 1990's floral pattern or furniture shape and pairing it up with our contrasting friends just doesn't quiet cut it. Somehow I think it just makes it more obviously dated.

Finally, if something looks really cheap it's not going to float in black and white. That will just conjure up images of the Las Vegas strip and yard long alcoholic beverages to me. Maybe that is because I live in Las Vegas, I'm not sure. But if something already look cheap from the start, then black and white again isn't going to save it. It may even make it look worse.

So that is my .02. I am trying desperately not to just buy everything black and white these days while still looking for ways to bring those crisp, clean, and bold ideals into my life. I will have to share pictures of my sisters shower and all it's black and white goodness this summer! There is some yellow and green in there as well for the shower, so I think it will look amazing.

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