Bridal Shower Planning

As I mentioned last week my younger sister is getting hitched. I can barely believe it, but it’s true. So us sisters are getting together and throwing her a little bridal shower. She wants some of it to be a surprise, but lucky for me, she never reads this blog- ha ha, so I thought I would share the mood board I made and some ideas we had planning the shower. ( I made the mood board to help convince my fellow party planners that my theme was the way to go and give them an idea of how I thought we should decorate. I think it's things like this is why people don't like planning things with me.)

As I also mentioned last week, I am in love with the color combo of black and white, which of course is being incorporated into her shower.  I toyed with a bunch of ideas and themes but in the end I settled on “Bride to Bee.” It is a classic and a goodie. Plus, her new last name with begin with a “B,” (we will be “B” sisters) so we thought it’s be fun to have little plays off of bees the animal, and “B” the letter.

The colors are going to play off of her wedding colors, but instead of pale pastels we decided to have the same colors but in bright and vibrant tones, mainly a happy yellow, bright green, and of course, black and white. We decided to try and keep things simple by mainly decorating the food table and favor table. The rag bunting will be swagged on the food table and we’ll make a paper lantern and tissue honeycomb cluster for over the table. All the tables (food, eating, favor tables) will be covered in white table clothes with vases or mason jars filled flowers in our yellow and green colors.
We plan to bring in the  Bee/“B” theme by serving food and giving away things that relate to honey, decorated letter “b”s on tables and doors, with the favors, and more. I will give a whole break down after the shin dig.  I don't want to give away too much in the off chance that my sister may actually read this blog.  I'm excited I think it will be super cute!

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benilhalk said...

Incredible gift basket!! Will carry this in my sister’s bridal shower at one of New York wedding venues. This is something very cute and looks great. She is managing business and her corporate event planning for few months will be done by my mom. Surely she will love it. Really liked your fantastic idea.