Birthday Wishes

A few weeks ago the girls at work were taking about stuff that they wanted, probably for mothers day. I seriously couldn’t really think of anything! What an awesome place to be; I could really do, or do without anything (unless we’re talking about babies. Babies are welcome in my house anytime!)  I am a pretty happy girl when it comes to daily physical needs, I have everything I NEED and it really is just coming down to WANTS these days.

WANTS come in handy, however, when you have a birthday on the horizon and people are out on the hunt to get you presents. So I thought hard, and tried to come up with some things that I’d like. Turns out I thought up a pretty good list. This is for you familia:

For Me-
Red Lipstick: I forgot to write down the name, but I found the “perfect” red lipstick at MAC.  I need to find it again and get one!
Earrings: I’ve been jones’n for some gold and aquamarine/jade earrings. It’s just such a pretty color combo.
Black Cardigan: I want another, more casual, black cardigan. I wear one all the time at work and could use another.
Gray Shirt: I need some more “go to” casual shirts. Just shirts that will always fit my mood.
Floral Work Shirt: I like shirts like this that look super comfortable but are still appropriate for the office.
Black Purse: I’ve been on the lookout for a cute black purse forever. This one is cute and inexpensive!
Navy Heels: I really actually need some black heels for work and church, but these navy kitten heels really float my boat.

For the Casa-
Deer Hook: I love little bits of quirky home decor, and I like it even better when they are also functional like this deer hook. (Jeff says all decor items have to be functional, so stuff like this works for us both.)
Art: I’ve really wanted this art print for a long time, but I’d take any art that I’ve been eyeing lately.
Turkish Hand Towel: I really want this gray hand towel from West Elm, not monogrammed necessarily, but I think it would look awesome in my half bath.
Domino: I need to beef up my design book collection, as in, I need to start one. This book has always been at the top of my list but I’ve just never gotten around to picking one up.
Jawbox: These are awesome, plain and simple. Having a speaker that would work for my phone and my ipod would be tops!
Meyers Cleaner: I’ve always wanted to try this stuff, but, again, have just never gotten around to it. I am overflowing with cleaning products right now, but I’ll always welcome more.
Bissell Spot Cleaner: We now have a dog. A dog that likes to pee for attention. I think this may even tread into the NEED category. My carpets NEED some cleanin’!

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