Colorado Style

Do you ever feel like being in a different area gives you license to dress differently? Now that we moved to Denver I'm finding myself jones'n for clothes that I might not have typically gone for before. Not sure why, really? Maybe it's because I'm getting to experience a true fall & winter this year, or maybe it's the mountainous, green open spaces, but it makes me want to go shopping!!!! AND since Christmas is right around the corner, I think It'd be nice to give my late buying husband some present ideas!

1 Black and Brown Riding Boots found here and here
2 Classic Hunter Welles like these and these, or these cheaper wide calf knock-offs!
3 Gray Booties for everyday, like the ones found here and here.
4. Lastly, not boots, (kill me know) I want these Birkenstocks!

I want all kinds of different boots for this fall and winter. Riding boots, willies, ankle boots. I really, really want some new boots. Unfortunately, boots are kind of expensive, so maybe I'll pick one type to get this season, another to get later in winter, and maybe hold of on one or two styles until next year. Not sure if I'll ever actually get Birkenstocks, I know my family would just make fun of me.

I also really want comfy, warm, clothing with a more Native American or Aztec-y type design. First, these seems really warm, and second, they just feels like they belongs in Colorado to me. Jeff thinks it's weird, like I think I'm living in New Mexico, but this style totally reminds me of Colorado.

1 I've been eyes these cardigans here, here, and here.
2 Sweater leggings spotted here, and here.

I also feel drawn to wear all my turquoise jewelry, I've always loved it, but now I am completely obsessed!! Hopefully this gives my honey some good ideas for Christmas shopping this weekend :)

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