The New (temporary) Place

Well, I finally made it to Denver. It was very hard to leave Las Vegas (here is an Instagram video of me saying good bye to our Condhouse.) I was delayed for a bit for family stuff, but I am here now with my Husband! AND we finally have the internet. It was the most complicated ridiculous process here to sign up for internet, but whateves. I am here, and now have my life blood, the world wide web.
You can see the mess I moved into here. Uploading a video should have been simple in this day and age but somehow it managed to waste over an hour of my life, so hopefully the link works. I took another video a few days after we moved in to show my progress, but uploading these videos is such a pain I just re-took pictures of our place now.  Not dealing with video issues anymore! (I'll have to figure it out though so I keep showing videos for my fam to see.)

So mi familia, here is our new (temporary) digs . . .

Our living room/dinning area is smaller than our old place, half of our old furniture was just too big and gets to chill in our garage until we settle somewhere. The smaller cabinets and settee from our office now get front room billing.

The kitchen is connected to the dinning room. Love the openness!
Off the kitchen there is a short hallway that leads to our bedroom.

The bedroom is bigger than at our Vegas home. It's nice, but I haven't yet figured out what to do with all the space. Especially what to do with all the wall space.

We have two bathrooms here, the master bathroom and guest bathroom. I really don't mind losing the extra toilet to clean!

So there it is. We haven't yet got the guestroom/office fully set up yet. We want to get this daybed from Ikea for the space. Hopefully some family comes and visits us soon (hint, hint).

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